Innoven Energy

Safe and economical power production
enabled by critical advance in laser technology.
Inertial fusion using proven physics.

High-energy KrF Laser

In prior US laser development programs, our team engineered and tested low-cost KrF lasers to project microsecond-length pulses of very large energies into space.

Laser Pulse Compression

Innoven's key innovation is a method to time-compress pulses of laser light to nanosecond scale with extremely high optical quality at low cost.

Inertial Fusion with high-gain Targets

Innoven's novel laser architecture can deliver tens of megajoules of high optical quality energy to inertial fusion targets at a cost-per-joule 150 times less expensive than current state of the art. This opens up a new high-energy design space which will allow high fusion gains to be achieved with confidence.

Moderator and Power Production

Fusion bursts from ICF targets are contained inside a waterfall of molten salt which serves as a neutron moderator, tritium-breeding material, and coolant. The molten salt provides complete first-wall protection, allowing a 40 year plant lifetime with existing materials. By going to high laser energy and large fusion yields, fusion targets only need to be fielded at 1 Hertz or less, providing dramatic engineering simplifications compared to prior IFE efforts.

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