Advantages of Innoven Technology

Compared to conventional technologies for large-scale energy generation, Innoven’s technology has numerous advantages:

Exceptional environmental footprint – zero greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions

Pathway to global decarbonization – Innoven’s technology will allow rapid and low-cost replacement of carbon-polluting energy sources worldwide, driven by economics

Lowest cost of energy produced – less than half that of conventional and renewable sources, including fossil fuels

Relatively low capital requirements and short pay back period – compared to fossil fuel and renewable energy sources

High economic security – cost of energy is not sensitive to external factors, such as fuel costs

Inherently safe – there is no potential for a catastrophic accident or nuclear weapon proliferation

Energy security – the required fuels are readily available throughout the world

High confidence – Innoven’s technology is simple and robust and builds on experimentally proven concepts

Consistently available – Innoven’s technology can produce power continually without variation due to environmental factors

Protected IP – the differences from conventional ICF technology allow for very broad patent coverage throughout all aspects of the system

Government licensing prospects – advantages of Innoven’s technology may be appealing to government agencies and licensing may provide an additional revenue stream

A facility based on Innoven fusion technology will represent a secure, inexhaustible source of safe, cheap, clean energy.